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Re: Ogi

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Well, like I said, the book seemed to me to imply that the 'secret' was in looking at the principles, not the waza. I think every good aikido school of whatever lineage does that. It's probably a mistake to think that 'ogi' in the case of aikido are techniques. Other schools might not call them 'ogi'...that's all. Just my opinion of the moment.
Good point. It seems that "ogi" and "gokui" may have had very specific meanings for certain arts, like Daito-ryu: specific techniques or abilities held back to all but the most dedicated practioners. But from the way Ueshiba Morihei used the terms in both his books and in the quotes in Sunadomari's book, it doesn't seem like that is what they meant in Aikido.

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