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Re: Aikido in daily life.

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I havn't been a member of this forum for long and on reading the different threads and seeing all the various types of responses and also after posting afew myself, I find it all quite fascinating and amusing.

I look at it from the viewpoint of Aikido and thus see all the types of communications just as you can do in life.

One person says 'A' and then in come the responses. Some responses are harmonious, calm , considered, direct yet honest. Others are cutting comments, like a shomen or yokomen. Some are like a nikkyo, a tsuki or if the person is really against what you say- a sankyo. {sankyo very much)

So in life when you observe negative communications you can translate them in this fashion and practice Aikido. Learn to see the attack or technique and understand it and stay calm and cenered, and enjoy the experience.

Someone told me that O'Sensei said in reply to a question on how he did his Aikido:'They come, I meet, I Turn, They follow.'

I can give you a simplified version of this, tongue in cheek of course, as follows;

'He come, Ego.'

Given lightheartedly. G.
If I could figure out how to relax when the attacks come that would be nice
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