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Re: Tenshin Aikido

Albert Paltao wrote:
ok thanks, Obata was not really helpful. i was there last night and he didnt even talk to me or greet me. even the teachers did not greet me. i had to come to them.
and even when i came to them they just told me to come tomorrow and sign up?

I train with Obata Sensei and this is not meant to be disrespectful. He is very formal as some of the other posters have stated. He will not say anything to you unless you specifically approach him first.

I watched three separate classes before a student approached and asked me if I had any questions. I was then introduced to Obata Sensei and his wife and they were very warm and kind. I immediately began training with them.

By not approaching you they are weeding out the insincere, so to speak, by seeing how dedicated you are. The Obatas expect their students to be sincere in their training and this is one way they feel you out.

As for effectiveness, Sensei's style is combat oriented -- there's less attention paid to ki per se as Sensei feels it develops naturally along with your technique -- and the emphasis is on footwork and proper mental attitude.

He teaches a blend of Daito-ryu, Yoshinkan and Aikikai styles in addition to Edo-era arrest techniques and Shinkendo sword training. Plus, he personally teaches every class unless he is out of town.

I have been out of the dojo for the last few months but will be back shortly and would be more than happy to help you in any way I can. Since I'm not on here much, don't send me an IM. I will check responses here from time to time to see if you are interested in stopping back by.


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