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Re: Ueshiba's Golden Lights


Ellis Amdur wrote:

Oh by the way. Just was reminded of THIS POST.. Andrew, whom I may have met once, in three sentences, sums things up elegantly. I think this post should be an automatic pop-up on all these threads, and we'll all save time.
That was a lot easier than this whole discussion.

Aiki is the result of one training their own body to be in unision with itself. Structure gives the Aiki a clear pathway to follow. Relaxation enables Aiki to travel through that structure. Intent is what fuels the Aiki in the body. When one comes into contact with one who has trained their body. Aiki is what is seen when the two meet.

Andrew Prochnow
I've said it so many times I get sick and tired of saying it.
Aiki in me, before Aiki between thee and me. The study of In yo ho is the study of yin and yang in the body...FIRST.
Ueshiba even laid it deaf ears.
Andy is one of my guys. He has trained wih me for seventeen years. Ellis, you haven't met him-though you would love him; grappler through and through, ghosty soft...and hits like a freight train. We had to talk him out of going pro.
Many people here have trained with Andy.
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