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Re: Aikido Aikibojitsu and the Structure of Natural Law

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Reading a book on Aikido such as the book in question might well give you complex theories. However I think too much emphasis is put on these type of books . Best bet is to just practice and if you use this experience and a bit of common sense I think you can acquire understanding of Aikido principles.On the one hand you have the Mystic Meg group/on the other the 'Science /Theoretical /Universal principle/Unified Theory groups, me? I say KISS.
Cheers, Joe.
Ps Meant to say hello at Cardiff.
Hi Joe,

I'm sure there is some content in books like this - as I said, I'm sure Tom Read knows his stuff as far as aikido goes - but sometimes the words tend to put me off delving too far. There are only so many hours in the day, after all!

I think I remember us having quite a long chat in Cardiff, but then maybe my old brain is getting too tired these days...

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