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Robert Rumpf
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Re: Meeting with Dan Harden in Boston

Let's see if I can characterize what I'm trying to say better...

Situation: Someone tries to push you.

Its the difference between the following responses:
1) Letting the push be redirected through you to the ground (dissipating the push)
2) Letting the push be redirected through you (or the ground) back at the person (redirecting the push)
3) Disrupting the push through mechanical (or other) means
4) Letting the push move you
5) Moving ahead of the push

All are useful areas of study, I think. It seems like what Dan is interested in is (1) and maybe (2) and maybe even (3). I'd say that many Aikidoka I've seen are interested in (2) and (3) and maybe (1). I'm currently interested in (5) and to some extent (4) because I can't do (5).

The reason for this is that I've realized that being right or strong in myself, my opinions, or my techniques doesn't help me deal with others, or at least with others who are the most circumspect, dangerous, or powerful, especially off the mat, and that's the part of training that I'm currently interested in.

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