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Re: Meeting with Dan Harden in Boston

I've never been satisfied with my what's in my toolbox, nor how I use the tools. By this time next year I hope to have yet again, learned more, as I will be traveling to train with a seriusly good practioner of this stuff. But here's the point. This type of traning is....the toolbox. Then you have things you can do which are the tools in the box. But I remain open as to where the knowledge comes from and who has it.

That said your question is still really more applicable to the box- not the tools in it. Even down to minute levels everything is still based on the bodywork (tool box). The rest is application.
If I can use outside-lines of my body to absorb your force while attacking you with the insides, then the incoming force feels neutral and I can read what you are doing to me ina flash. THis is what Mark felt then I can maintain that force or load on me and instantly cut your center away without having to all.
Even someting as simple as your legs or feet have outsides and insides. Mark wonlt publicly discuss it but I showed him how to identify that "feeling" in him and how to transfer the load carrying ability down the putside of his leg while attacking with the inside.

Your argument or question (argument sounds harsh) is why not give them what they need or blend and it helps in life etc.

All I can say is that the healther Martial artists I've met were guys in wrestling, BJJ Judo and MMA where your fight you win you lose you fight. Not to be too condeming but there is a handicapp in only facing cooperation or mild resistence.
All that said, we don't train this to ...have to...hurt/ harm. The body skills can be as ooey gooey as you please or as violent as needed.
But you cannot -find it- by blending. You find it in you first.
Hell on another level I could say I am blending but it has nothing to do with the blending oft seen. Why canlt we blend by not moving and changing your force on me internally. It goes where I will it to go, not where you want it to go. Then I can rebound it back at ya coming up to take your base away. Aiki-age
Or absorb down my front and come back at ya over the top to compress you.

In fact I believe it was Ueshiba coming into his own who realized for the first time that he could truly "stop the spears" (Budo definition) with these skills thus not ever N-E-E-D to fight anymore.
But the path to get there is learning what I call "paths of power" in your own body first-not blending with anyone.


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