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Re: Klingon Martial Art

Ian Hurst wrote:
I'd be very surprised if the inventions of a sci-fi soap opera writing team could really come up with a truly useful weapon.
OK, I know that this is not what you meat but:

1- Mass drivers: take a large rock and smash it from space onto a planet. Who was it that said "When I want to attack someone, I find the biggest things around. So far, I have not found bigger than the Earth."

2- Beam weapons, in particular laser which are now deployed by some services in the US army. Including but not exhaustively: sonic, plasma and gauss.

3- Dune and its shields which require the attacker to slow down his attack otherwise the shield holds. This would develop a whole new martial art. Of course, Herbert's Dune is full of strange semi-mystical things explained by "body control".


Let's face it. Martial arts while useful don't beat missiles or combat robots -- which BTW are being deployed in Iraq.

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