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Re: Weight Loss with Aikido Training


weight loss is determined by a simple formula

Calories In - Calories Out

If you do enough to get that amount to a negative 3,500 you lose a pound.

Depending on the beginners class it's possible that you didn't burn all that many calories. For instance, a relatively paced beginner's class might burn you an extra 300 calories, or less, per class leading to the following math:

300 * 3 times/wk * 8 weeks = 7,200 calories burned, or, in other words, your 2 pounds. So, yes, you are burning weight right on schedule.

Any of the following will help you lose weight:

1) Up the class intensity.
2) Up the length of your classes
3) Attend more classes per week.
4) Add in weight training
5) And probably the most important, cut some calories from your diet.

In regards to #5, cutting 230 calories a day will take off nearly 2 pounds a month.

It's all math and it's all very clean.
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