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Re: YouTube: Internal strength demo...

I've read Dan say that he has trained MMA fighters WITHOUT going the internal route, for similar reasons discussed as in the military argument (well-laid to rest here I think-- just takes too long and too much teaching effort to get to a level of effectiveness that external ways are really quick at).
So although I also really, really want to see Dan or Akuzawa or any of their students on TV fighting... I have yet to hear that there is any move in that direction. Is there, guys??

But Dalen, your post was still grouping yoga, ballet, and IT in the same boat, and Kevin touched on this-- just because it uses tissue and organs that we all have does not mean it a similar approach. It uses the tissues in a modified way. It uses tissues to do things in IT that they are NOT doing in ballet for instance. Ballet may be really good at getting your body optimized and skilled, but it is the other body, the "regular" body, that it is training. I think you will agree that is a worthy and difficult, and rewarding pusuit. But it is not related. As I understand it.
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