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Re: YouTube: Internal strength demo...

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I did want to reiterate that its not just the lack of it in sports, but my question is, 'does the US military use it?'. If not, why? [It being an Asian secret doesnt really convince me on this level due to the interaction of the US military with Asia over the years... and who came out on top, as it were in North Korea, Japan, etc.]
[does not mean there is not some mystical Buddhist monk that is keeping it secret for some high spiritual reason... but again, we are talking about modern claims which people want to simply see how it works.]

I will add that perhaps some of the high ranking IT guys should come to Hungary.
You wont make money here, the people are not wealthy like the western neighbors - but instead of waiting decades [like Aikido] to introduce itself, maybe someone can let Hungary in on the game early this time.

[Ive got a place with Mats to train on the side even.]

Even my Thai Boxing teacher apparently believes such principles to be true... just figuring it out seems to be the issue.
Dalen, I recommend you read some literature on Chinese or Japanese martial arts, where these skills are most commonly associated to. You will some countless testimonies of teachers that DELIBERATELY do NOT teach their students. The fact that you find so many crappy Chinese/Japanese martial arts teachers is because of this fact I believe. I'm not being facetious about it being an Asian secret. This isn't kn0wl3dg3 u gain from a ub3r budd41st m0nk when u 3nt3r tha 36 ch4mb3rz. Hell, some of these internal gurus that a1k1/tae-chee fairies worship can be inebriated, foul-mouthed whore-mongers.

Some individuals suggest it's 'hard' work, but I don't think it's as hard as any other craft (granted, it's hard because it takes years and years of unlearning years and years of patterned movement). It's mostly hard because most of us who are even exposed to this stuff are navigating ourselves in murky, uncharted waters where ambiguous mystical terminologies surrounding this knowledge make this kind of practise phenomenologically inconvenient. Like I said before, the research and study involved in this is so scant that lack of propagation of internal skills in the wider scene is to be naturally expected. Whether the Delta Force uses such training begs the question of whether these movement and body skills are PROVEN (by military scientists) to be most efficient for military training. For the most part, public discussion on these skills opened up in the recent years, with exception to guys like Mike Sigman and Dan Harden who've been singing the praises of aiki/internal skills for more than a decade now. And they've been discussing this for the most part within the context of modern budo/combatives. The fact of the matter is, discussing aiki/body skills as a 'discrete' thing is hard enough as it is (the thing about this is that the knowledge has to be in your body before you can express it in words), I don't even try to talk about its uses in MMA or modern budo. And you're asking us why it isn't in the military by now? It's gonna take a long time, g. Although, I am practising internal arts, and I do plan to join the military so I'll help you out with your curiousity .

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