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The Definitive Two Sword Video of Saotome Sensei's System

This is listed in the marketplace section but since it is directly relevant to the thread here, I am posting it.

Back in 1988 in Chicago Saotome Sensei conducted a seminar entirely devoted to his Two Sword system. It was filmed in VHS and later converted to DVD. That DVD was only made available to a small group of Saotome Sensei's most senior students. A small portion appeared in the later commercially produced video Saotome Sensei id on two sword.

Saotome Sensei has now given permission for AikidoDvds.Com to release to the Aikido public. It has been color corrected and cleaned up somewhat and he sound cleaned up as well. White it is clearly archival footage and not up to today's quality standards, it is better than my own original copy at this point. This seminar was only held once and this video is by far the most complete presentation of Sensei's Two Sword system available. It is available only in downloadable form in .m2ts format.

The 1988 Chicago Two sword Seminar

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