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Daniel Lloyd
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Re: Jun Akiyama

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What style of Aikido do you practice? What's training like? What's your lineage for your particular dojo? Have you only practiced Aikido or have you dabbled in other arts?
I also requested everyone else on the forum answer these questions too, I'm curious about their Aikido backgrounds and any other training they have received. So I'll share mine.

I practice Aikido Yuishinkai, a branch off from Ki Society. Only recently, due to some great advice from Tony and my own father, that I start taking Aikido seriously and train in a more serious and curious manner. I have only practiced Aikido but have had suggestions to take up Judo to further understand balance breaking and the such. I also hope to take up Kenjutsu or another sword art to better understand the weapons side to Aikido.

Keen to hear others.

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