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Is your sensei Michelle - if so please pass on my regards - I visited your Cambridge dojo a few years back. Also could you pass on my e-mail to the owner of your dojo (its the Judo dojo on Charles Street right?). I visited him just before I returned to Japan and lost the contact information. Foolish me.

By the by - its not the patience that gets them or the need for violence (they can get plenty of that in some Aikido dojos). Young men and women base a lot of their self image on who they hang around with. Aikido by its very nature does not exclude the less svelt. A young man looking into a dojo asks himself do I want to be like them and frankly that is what kept me away from Aikido for so long even though I liked the technicallity. Finally, one day I walked into a dojo in Tsukuba University full of young men and women sweating like demons and I was hooked.

Originally posted by DaveO
It is certainly not unique to Aikido, but the art does tend to weed out the more hostile students, or at least so I believe. A violent person IN GENERAL won't have the patience to sit and learn the non-combative aspects crucial to Aikido. Karate, Tae-Kwan-Do, etc. offer instant gratification in 'fighting training' that more violent people will gravitate to; or so at least I believe.

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