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Re: Very {Extremely} frustrated with Koshinage Ukemi

Dalen Johnson wrote: View Post

Well, today we didnt do Koshinage...
However, we did practice taking Ukemi by rolling over a flat stool.

I specifically tried the reaching out with my hand to touch the mat first, and... unbelievable the difference it makes.

Dont know why, but in my mind it just always seemed that I would have to catch myself with my forearm and hand, etc.
But by reaching and touching the mat with my hand, the rest of the fall was like nothing. (Now, grant it, this was not with koshinage, but jumping over a stool has given me similar issues.)

Its always nice when these things come together, and I appreciate everyones response here.


I'm glad that it is working out for you. As time goes on, it'll become almost second nature. There will be times that you may be thrown so quickly and with such force that you don't have time to reach for the mat so early. But as long as you keep trying to do it that way, if it ever happens, you'll hardly notice the difference. Now take the feeling you have rolling over the stool and keep that same feeling as you get up higher and higher. Remember, koshinage allows you to use the nage's body as a platform. So you'll be "rolling" over a person as opposed to a stool. Keep us updated.

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