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Re: Very {Extremely} frustrated with Koshinage Ukemi

Dalen, see if you can find someone who can help you and try these steps.

1) Have the person do koshinage to you, but let them balance you on their back. You should have your body somewhat stiff, meaning not hanging on them with a limp body like a fireman's carry. This will help you get use to the height. This fall is easy to take because you have a whole person as your platform.

2) Next, have the person slowly take you over, but not actually throw you. Have them place your hand on the floor and allow you to "roll" down to the floor and down your side. Obviously this is not the free form koshi throw, but the one where your hand is being held.

3) As you get use to that, have the person slowly start to take you over and keep you hand further away from the mat. As your hand gets further away from the mat, place your other arm either around their waist or grab onto the gi and some point. When you start to do that, ask the person to let your other go as you go over, and then reach for the mat as soon as possible. This will absorb the shock and make your fall a lot softer.

I hope that you can visualize this and that it helps you. Other than that, just try and relax.

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