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Eva Antonia
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Re: Very {Extremely} frustrated with Koshinage Ukemi

Hi Dalen,

I thought when you test you'd throw uke for koshi nage and not vice versa (much more difficult in my opinion...)?
Anyway, in Belgium koshi nage comes compulsorily only at 1st kyu, which is reassuring because it leaves some time to learn it conveniently.

As to the breakfall I suppose it's intimidating because you cannot really see or imagine the direction where you fall. So either you are not afraid and do it dynamically and just land safely before you are even aware of having been thrown, or you learn it step by step.

In our club, we do a two-person exercise to train tobu ukemi. You stand in ai hanmi kata te dori, then you turn your stomach to the arm of your partner and look down. You try to touch your knees with your head, and try to reach with your free arm over your shoulder to the floor. In the last moment you withdraw the knee of your front leg, and then you land safely and without any sound on the mat (just write "tobu ukemi" or "ushiro otoshi" in you tube, and you find lots of lessons how to learn it progressively).

Besides videos and exercises etc - there are lots of falls on which you can do tobu ukemi quite easily. It works quite easily on kote gaeshi and kaiten nage. It works on shiho nage and kokyu nage even if it's not exactly the same way as you'd do it on koshi nage.

Nearest to the fall you experience when been thrown in koshi nage is the breakfall you do when thrown a certain way in tenshi nage. If it's done slowly, then you do a backwards roll. But you can also turn a bit and to mae ukemi. If you get acquainted to mae ukemi on tenshi nage, tori can just, when advancing and making you fall, step a bit behind you so that you have to fall over his hips (and he can, just for the fun of it, make a circular movement with his upper arm to turn your head). This last version is NEARLY like the fall on koshi nage, and you could ask someone to vary his tenshi nage successively until you do that fall. Once it works, it also works on koshi nage.

Long text for 4th kyu...but as falls are the only thing I have the feeling to do conveniently, I took the liberty to write what I know.

Wish you much luck,

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