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Re: Very {Extremely} frustrated with Koshinage Ukemi

Dalen Johnson wrote: View Post
Some concerns and issues I have is:
a) landing on my shoulder which was hurt in my teen years weight lifting. (its extremely sensitive even doing regular ukemi)
b) I get the wind knocked out of my side sometimes on landing
c) if the above doesnt happen, then my elbow is hurt. (Trying to catch myself with my hands and arms as not to get the wind knocked out of me.
In my juijitsu days we did lots of high impact hip throws. We were taught to exhale when being thrown so you don't get winded. I think it also braces the core muscles for the impact.

You shouldn't be landing on your shoulder - that's a dislocation waiting to happen. If you look at this video you'll see how the impact is evenly spread. The 45 degree angle of the arm is important as that reduces strain on the shoulder.

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