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Very {Extremely} frustrated with Koshinage Ukemi

I still have 3 more months to get this...that is if I want to keep to my testing schedule.

But Koshinage, ohhhh, the ukemi - point...Im too afraid of landing.
The guy I train with does it without second thought. (Though he is in his teens and Im in my 30s...something about being young and agile.)

For me it seems there is only one way to actually take proper ukemi for this...jump up in the air like a monkey and roll. Otherwise you get what I do...trying to escape the technique.

Some concerns and issues I have is:
a) landing on my shoulder which was hurt in my teen years weight lifting. (its extremely sensitive even doing regular ukemi)
b) I get the wind knocked out of my side sometimes on landing
c) if the above doesnt happen, then my elbow is hurt. (Trying to catch myself with my hands and arms as not to get the wind knocked out of me. ukemi sucks unfortunately, and Im not really sure how to get better at it unless I buy my own mats and practice day and night.

If any of you have any tips, it would be welcome and very much appreciated.

My kids, Im sure, could do it without second thought as well - especially my 4 years old.



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