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Re: Japanese Aikido Prayer at beginning of class

Dieter Haffner wrote: View Post
May I make a suggestion for if you need to know something from your class mates.
You can ask your wife to write it down in Hungarian and bring that piece of paper to class.
I believe it would have worked for this particular case.
I appreciate everyones concern and desire to help in how I should communicate at my dojo.


Trust me, I am doing what needs to be done in the time it needs to be done.

The point is Im here at the moment- at Aikiweb - communicating with my fellow aikido practitioners about Aikido.

As I ask questions people may or may not want to help answer them.

So far I have had excellent responses to all my questions - and not only that, this place mixed with internet research and my aikido 3D program have helped me to advance in Aikido.

Trust me, its more than just getting a piece of paper to take with me to my aikido class - there is a whole dynamic at work here.

I would say, enough chat about my Hungarian language skills or how for me to better communicate at my dojo - thats not really the question at hand, and its something Im working perhaps we can continue with the topic at hand.

Of course people are free to post what they will, its just a suggestion.



p.s. - or I can open up a thread on the dynamics of 'dAlen' learning Aikido in Hungary.

p.s.s. - for clarification, this was NOT meant to pick on you Dieter, or anyone else.
I appreciate all your comments - Just trying to keep them to topic, as when it comes to how someone 'should' do something (even if it is a good suggestion), everyone has an idea - without knowing the dynamics, or rather without having walked in the other persons shoes. (And each person is different no matter how similar the path.

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