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Japanese Aikido Prayer at beginning of class

Sorry if this is well known...did a search and didnt see it.

But at the beginning of class, when everyone is in sieza and they bow to O'Sensei, they mumble something (like a low chant) and stop.
Its real quick.

What are they saying?
(Translation would be nice, but I believe I will need to know & learn to say this in Japanese for my next test. I will also need to learn to count to 10 in Japanese, as well as say some basic Japanese words as well...which the latter I have on paper to learn from, and the former - numbers- I should be able to find on the internet.)

No one has told me what it is, or rather how to say the chant...and the low mumble I cant make out heads or tails what they are saying in Japanese...I would ask, but my Hungarian isnt much better.

I know it may sound strange, but the instructor doesnt necessarily go over the requirements for the fact i got a requirement sheet off of another student...of which does not have the japanese text/chant for me, anyway...)



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