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Re: Physical Tension - Another Thought

i had another thought. what do you think: <crosses fingers and hopes this makes sense>
I wrote about that once and called it 'generating harmony' on the body; and was rightly corrected by upyu that it is better to `maintain` than `generate` harmony.
This is in light of what you wrote about re-equilibrating the pressure. -The body as a tensegrity structure-. That *literally* defined the dynamic::defining how forces and displacement settle into a new stable alignment. I saw some interesting vids posted by dps a while back, about a Tensigrity model of the body. searching...dang. anyhoo; in one of the vids it mentioned that in their view of the body _every_ bone in the body could be considered a sesamoid bone. a bone that floats in a tendon (literally but paraphrased). Like the floating bone 'chip' under the ball of your foot. Experientally, that kind of changed my mind about `retaining internal axial balance` through muscles, and bones along forces or groundpath.
Also: the 'soft' action of balance that precedes movement..the remnant musculo-tendon tension/pressure of the body, and its spontaneous movements (read about it as the 'wild sister to breath'). it's like an 'active dither' of the muscular suit. that's part of the ki stuff i'm betting. body is searching for the next local optimum...too hard to write about.

just some ideas I had. I have no idea! It meant something to me. : ]
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