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Lee Salzman
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Off (on?) topic, I noticed that I have gotten more out of my training recently by focusing on the elbow and forgetting about the center for a while. Stuff like..

1.) Initiating a movement by pulling down on my sternum/collarbone seems to pull my elbows onto my spine/center. On a good day, this bypasses the shoulder almost completely. The resulting power seems to use the elbow as the focal point.

2.) An added benefit is the ability to more easily dissolve resistance through the elbow - back - hip - foot connection to the ground. I'm not any stronger, I just let their resistance "slide" through to the ground and keep moving forward.

3.) Maintaining a slight tug on the elbows keeps them attached to the spine. Pushing and pulling is subsequently anchored to the frame and results in substantially more force being generated.

4.) Forgetting the hand and initiating movement with the elbow seems to both avoid resistance and allow for an increased range of motion.

5.) Rotating the shoulder and elbow in opposite directions makes #4 just a little easier.

In the context of this thread, what are the objectives of "Elbow Power"? Any examples? Video (i.e., we are trying to do this)?
I think the first thing to establish is: does elbow power really have anything to do with the elbow, in the same sense we might ask does asagao really refer to the practice of gardening or just making funny hand shapes? It would seem they are pointing at larger concepts through suggestive means.
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