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I think there is a difference in training goals and methods here.
Quite simply there are quite a few shihans here who will demonstrate that they can't be thrown by the likes of us. That's simple enough, you don't need to be a shihan to not get thrown, anyone can do it. Just don't attack wholeheartedly. Keep something in reserve and you're not likely to be thrown by almost all aikidoka. For them you 'allow' the throw to happen by 'giving' your energy through.
Well sir, I don't mean to be disrespectful but if I or a few others I know, ever commitedly attacked an Aikido Shihan and did not keep something in reserve it would all be over very quickly, and I would not be thrown. Quite honestly I don't think you really understand what is going on here and the amount of shear soft power and aiki that is being discussed. No harm no foul. Where would you ever get to see it?
I think meeting would be a good beginning to establish a dialogue of the potentials that are out there in other sectors that are just now coming back into Aikido. That way you know what we are talking about.

Chris is right. We laugh continually, do not take ourselves too seriously and just have too much fun.

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