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You mean taking ukemi as opposed to being left a broken crumpled heap ... I don't think either leads very far.

Being able to have someone with real power throw you and being able to land safely is a pretty handy skill irrespective of its questionable utility in developing real power.

The only skill I've personally ever developed from ukemi is knowing when someone really throws me versus giving it away ... didn't really need much skill for that - but they never would have tried to really throw me unless they knew I could take the fall! Guess I never trained with anyone that didn't care enough about me to throw me without regard for my safety.
That's actually a good point Rob. Just remember that many of us do other things as well where that is not a prerequisite. There are many Martial arts where you need to protect yourself. Oddly IMO those people have a tendency to actually get hurt less. Many have agreed on that in the past. To be sure there are positives and negatives in cooperative and non cooperative practices.
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