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Re: Kaeshiwaza Sample Clip - George Ledyard

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
The video I just released on Kaeshiwaza is entitled The Principles of Kaeshiwaza and is focused on just that, the principles behind a reversal. When I do Volume 2 it will basically be a presentation of a number of kaeshiwaza done from various Kihon Waza. There will be less discussion of principle and more techniques shown. I will put clips on-line when I film that one so as to not bore you as completely as I have so far.
I'm still a bit confused after reading your explanations. It was very clear to me from the beginning that with your level and experience, attacker can't do any technique if you not allow him. It is very surprising that you mention something about ' contest' and 'real confrontation'? I'm not sure where you are coming from... I didn't mention any of such stupid ideas. I believe such ideas have nothing to do with our discussion.

This DVD is supposed to be a teaching tool. Who is targeted audience? Other 6th dans? Advanced aikidoka? Everybody? Depending of the targeted audience the presentation must be completely different.

My working assumption is that you targeted everybody. So it is very clear that you should allow for less experienced attacker to take your balance (partially or completely), so customer can see how to execute kaeshi waza from such position. Why it is very important? You are high level aikidoka, but your customers are mostly far less experienced then yourself, so they are not able to preserve their balance in the first moment of the contact with skillful attack. They will fall down sooner or later, but it is simple to present how to recover from different unbalancing in order to counter a technique. These are basic biomechanical skills.

Next point is dealing with teaching by principles. From the clip it is not at all clear what principles you are using to counter a technique. The customer should see step by step demonstration for every used principle in some kind of separate frame. Because of the nature of principles, you also should be able to demonstrate the same principles against other kind of attacks and in different kaeshi waza. Otherwise you can't call it principles. I hope it is a case in this DVD.

I also don't really understand (looks like I'm a bit slow LOL) your discussion about atemi in the context of kaeshi waza. Generally speaking, kaeshi waza is possible when there is a opening in the technique. With atemi or without atemi, if there is no opening no kaeshi waza is possible. Also, both aikidoka are trying create opening (with atemi or without), not only one who is trying kaeshi waza. If both start to hit atemi only, it becomes boxing and not aikido anymore. So I don't see a point discussing here atemi.


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