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Re: Kaeshiwaza Sample Clip - George Ledyard

I suppose that what I would have wanted to see in the video was a situation where George's partner really went after his center with a waza, it doesn't matter which one, and then was satisfied, if only momentarily, that the waza was on track---only to find that G was able to absorb the force and would come back at him with the reversal. What I think I see here is a waza that never began to bite. And so it does seem odd to me to call it a reversal.

Sacrifice throws, to my mind, would be one kind of waza that would be closer to this definition of reversal.

Now I understand that there are limitations imposed by the teaching format, so this particular clip is fine for me, as far as it goes. I am hoping that in the rest of the DVD or in future DVDs, there would be other scenarios/examples of a more energetic exchange between tori and uke.
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