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Re: Kaeshiwaza Sample Clip - George Ledyard

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
This is kaeshi waza at our school.

This video was shot almost 3 years ago. It's a light exercise. Muscular resistance is discouraged. There are no explanations, and no contrived what ifs. What you see are guys actually trying to apply and counter techniques when they naturally arise.
Takemusu; spontaneous reaction to spontaneous reaction - it does not look choreographed because it is not - it is a simple natural exercise and it is not supposed to look pretty - but it is a very effective exercise to develop your natural reaction to a force, etc. - nice job guys!

As far as George's video, it is an instructional piece and not an exercise or demonstration, so there will be a non-natural flow to it. From his slow and precise explanation of the different aspects of the reversal technique, I can see how it can all come together in a real attack - good presentation on that part George - thanks.

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