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Re: Kaeshiwaza Sample Clip - George Ledyard

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HI George,
Nice video and explanation. I'd be interested on thoughts on how nage prevents the kaeshiwaza, or is that the subject of the forthcoming series? I am guessing nage might ride ukes movement and continue to finish with a 'non attached' kotegaeshi shape that might look more like a sayu undo (sokomen?) movement.

We asked Ushiro Sensei about what happens when the two opponents in a martial encounter both have these skills. He said, "the one that wins is the one that gets inside the best."

I think that, when one starts to really understand connection, the result is an understanding of why there was atemi in every technique in the old days. You have to disrupt the opponent's ability to maintain his connection to you while you stay connected to him. The way to do that is to put him "out of phase" with you via the atemi. In practice this can be simply getting him to react to an atemi. In fighting you break something. Either way, it breaks the connection the partner has with your center, at least for a moment, and puts him out of sync so he can't adjust to what you are doing.

In the end, it's kaeshiwaza that gives you an understanding why it was said that Aikido is 90% atemi.

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