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Re: The use and strength of atemi application

Greg Tabata wrote: View Post
Funny...maybe i'm the only one from this kind of school, but i've been taught a very different meaning for an atemi.

For many of Chiba Sensei's older students, the atemi is the start of many if not all techniques once you get to a certain level (say shodan or ikkyu if your sensei thinks you're ready for it). However, it's my observation that if the atemi works and is successful in getting rid of the threat, Great! Done and done.

If however, the uke knows what they're doing and they either blend or stick, then that's when the rest of the technique is required. As for my dojo: if you're not paying attention, Sensei's atemi will knock you on your ass! He really doesn't pull his punches when you get to a certain level.
This is the way we teach it in Shoji Nishio's style too.

William Hazen
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