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Re: The use and strength of atemi application

That's a really good point Dan makes.about not telegraphing an atemi. A perceptible cocking of your arm (in any technique by the way) leaves you open to an atemi or another technique yourself.

And one more detail: atemi in aikido are usually with the fist vertical (not horizontal with the palm down like a karate punch).

Other common atemi are elbow strikes and open hand strikes. Dan also mentions kicks but I have rarely seen them in dojos in Japan (I have seen kicks in Korea in a hapkido dojo). Judo includes atemi waza in one or two of the kata in the same way as they are used in aikido and in at least one kata (Kime no Kata) the tori also uses kicks.

And you don't have to do atemi. You can also understand atemi as potential strikes that can be included or deliberately omitted at various points during a technique.

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