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David Yap
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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

Hi Ken,
Ken McGrew wrote:
Again, I would ask everyone to dig out their videos of O'Sensei, both Doshu, and look particularly at their students. Do you see ANY resistance? No, you will not. O'Sensei allowed these videos to be made so we would be able to see for ourselves how to train Aikido...snip
Has it occurred to you that there were nothing for the students to "resist" in the first place? Both O Sensei and 1st Doshu were operating at much higher plane - "absolute" aiki, perhaps . Just repeating your quote, "no force, no violent".

I don't see in the posts here that anyone was advocating nage should force aikido techniques initially and and then someday perhaps learn to blend and lead at the higher levels you were describing. It is natural for a beginner to do just that (muscle through a technique) and it is also natural for him or her to progressively lose the need of using force once he/she observes and feels that the instructors and/or sempai can effortlessly do the techniques despite strong resistance from the uke. I believe you have went through this phase at the beginning

There are people on this board who practice a pre-war style. That's fine. O'Sensei changed Aikido for reasons that he thought were valid. They don't want to change with him, so that is their business. I'm glad they are preserving this earlier art. To me it's like living history. It is not anything I am interested in practicing, however. But when people who practice a post-war style use resistance, I think they are not doing what O'Sensei wanted.
I believe the late Morihiro Saito shihan's style of aikido is not much different with the pre-war style of aikido and he was a post-war deshi of O Sensei and he was the longest serving deshi. Saito sensei was practically sharing the same compound and sharing the same meals with O Sensei over a span of 23 years. Are you implying that Morihiro Saito shihan was not doing or teaching what O'Sensei wanted? Gozo Shioda shihan also stayed 3 years in Iwama with O Sensei after the war. He had O Sensei's blessings to start his own organisation and dojo. He, too, did not do or teach what O Sensei wanted?

David Y

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