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Re: What happens when I go home?

Mike Braxton wrote: View Post
You can't remember eveything from class, it's just way too much. So choose one technique to remember and practice that at home by yourself. You don't need an uke. Go through the motions over and over again, burning it into your muscles. Home is where you learn the technique to suit your body (balance, range of extension, rotation, relaxation, etc....), the dojo is where you see if what you done works or not and do the adjustments. This is what I tell my students.
Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it and it does help. Our dojo makes available to us a DVD of everything we must know to advance to the next rank. Using the DVD and then, as you stated, going through the motions. I like the concept that "at home is where you learn the technique and the dojo is where you SEE if what you have done works or not and do the adjustments." Excellent advice.

Thank you for taking the time to give something with substance to it.
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