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Re: Styles of Aikido - which is right for me?

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Well yes, I am assuming certain things, and if those are wrong, it would certainly be nice to have someone say so, instead of being a smart ass and replying to something else I ain't no Yoda, can't read yer' minds
Am I then to correctly understand this, as you saying that the difference between Yoshinkan Aikido, and Iwama Aikido (as examples), are just as big as the differences between different teachers within each of those styles?
If yes, then no further questions.
If no, then my question is still valid, and I'm asking, "what are those fundamental differences then?"
YES. that is what we are all saying. Any differences between organizations are gross generalizations, and aren't necessarily reflected in the teachings of any particular sensei.

With that in mind, the generalizations can be useful. You probably won't want to train with the Ki Society for instance. But, apart from the glaring differences, it depends so much on the teacher that we really can't help you.