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Re: Styles of Aikido - which is right for me?

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
Janet was correct... Shop for the teacher, not the style. There are styles that were founded by amazing teachers being taught by incompetents. There are so-called hard styles being taught by individual teachers who have a soft touch. There are so-called soft styles being taught by folks who try to rip your arm off.

Find a teacher who is functioning at the highest level you can find. Any style done on a deep level is better than another style you might be more inclined to do taught by a mediocrity.
I understand your reasoning behind saying this, but I'm afraid it's of no use to me. I've already read this many times before, and it does nothing for me I'm afraid.

Firstly, in Denmark, I have a fairly limited choice: 3 Aikido clubs within a 50minute radius.
Second, I'd be changing clubs: the dojo and teachers in Denmark would obviously not be the same as the dojo and teachers in Japan.

I do not want to be tied down to one specific dojo/teacher, but much rather one specific style. Then I can always change teachers or dojos, but once I've trained Yoshinkan, for instance, for a year, I can't merely change and continue in Aikikai.

Again, I ask if anyone could please answer the question I posed, and not the question that you wish I'd asked