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Ken ,
13 years and still a5th Kyu? Whats the matter with your teachers ? Regardles of whether you are available for tests or not, the fact is you're not a beginner. Your teachers should make allowances for your situation and grade you accordingly.By my reckoning if things remain the same , you might just get Dan grade after 52 years[13 years per grade ].Maybe the Dan grading would comprise of you doing irimi tenkan with a zimmer?Cheers, Joe.
Well, the last place I trained at was a commercial dojo and I think the guy just wanted to squeeze some extra testing fees and made me start back at 8th kyu since I wasn't from him organization. The sensei at non profit dojo I'm at now hasn't mentioned testing at all in the almost 6 months I've been there. Overall, I'm not too worried about it. I get to train, that's all that really matters to me
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