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Re: Now what?

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To everybody out there who are in the kyu grades or just passed shodan: if you ever feel discouraged by the periods where nothing works, or if you feel like there is no way you will ever get the hang of it.. yes you are right.. you will never learn everything, but stick to it.. .there is so much to fun to have and so many thing to enjoy as you progress and start develop your own aikido.
This happens to me about once each year so far. I get into a period of realizing that just when I thought I was starting to get a good understanding of 'what it is I am supposed to be doing'... I go to seminar and learn something 'different' about it or my own Sensei shows another aspect of it and I find myself back to square one feeling like 'I cannot understand and make it work' and 'will I ever make it work' and then... I remember... just relax and have fun with it.. hopefully many more years to enjoy the training and the rest of my life in exploring it and so things get better and I feel like I have learned how 'simple' it all really is.. just not 'easy'.
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