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Re: Group versus Individual

How much is a group expected to conform to my particular needs
Still a bit puzzled at the need to ask this one, despite the entertaining discourse. The only group dynamics on the mat are surely the main instructor of that dojo?

OK, perhaps I'm a bit schizo. I do expect to be able to talk to any instructor as an adult, be treated as an adult on the mat and put forward any "special needs" I may or may not have. However, my caveats are twofold. Firstly, I have a responsibility to the rest of the class not to be disruptive to their training (without a damn good reason, and if it's permanent, I should rethink my training). Secondly, it's the instructor's call. If I expect to be treated as an adult, I also have the responsibilities as an adult to accept that if it's not my class, it's not my rules. If I don't like the rules or the training regime, I should leave.

If you question is really "how far do I bend my normal teaching procedure to accommodate a difficult student", my answer would be "how much do you value and want to keep that student".

OT: Larry, you and Peter are coming across as far too mellow and reasonable, please desist as it's affecting my inner equilibrium.
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