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Re: Group versus Individual

Hanna - Larry gave a pretty good list above. However, try to imagine a series of drills. At the end of each drill the line rotates and another drill begins. This goes on for about 20 minutes and involves seven drills, done left and right. These drills are done every single lesson and for those that have never seen it can be quite the thing. Now I can't imagine anyone just stopping in the middle, even if you don't quite understand what's happening its hard not to get swept up in the rhythm, but lets say someone did, just refused because the striking techniques are just too violent, or you don't see the point, or you think you look silly. How about if I visited an Aikikai dojo and pointedly refused to do tenkan exercises because I found them pointless - would that not interrupt the harmony of the group.

Lots of possibilities - deciding to talk during instruction because well you heard it all before. The feel of any dojo is quite a delicate thing. Like the ease of shutting down any technique you know is coming the destruction of wa is easy. This is actually what I'm getting on about. It is an individuals responsibility to maintain the wa of the group it surely can not be done by force from the instructor.

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