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Re: A Cranky GeriAikidoka Sitting In Her Chair, Complaining

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Janet said: "I love leading the Low Impact and wish more folks were interested in taking that class. We have former students who quit years ago with various bodily "dings" and they just don't see the value if they cannot train at the full intensity they did 15 years ago."

This is a real challenge: realizing we have worth just by showing up. Not being able to train at full potential is a hurdle because of negative self talk. I found my year in the chair with a bad knee was such a valuable experience: 1st. because it helped me have empathy and 2nd, because it forced me to see that people like having me in class whether I was very athletic or not.
Truth there. I had a few years of negative self talk after my knee surgery.

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