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Re: Shomenuchi nikkyo

Adam Bauder wrote:
Christian and Charlie ... I appreciate your responses. Heck my teachers say the same thing in regards to cutting down. What I'm trying to pick at here is what happens on contact, if you manage to actually connect with nage's head with shomenuchi. Although my intent is to make contact and cut down, my striking arm will extend forward (however little) to prevent it from collapsing before continuing down (so basically, a push). If nage removes the target, the strike will follow-through and continue down to resemble the "correct" form of shomenuchi.Cutting down or not, It is always my intention to strike the center, if not "to" it. A "push" with downward intent can be quite powerful.

I would like to take more time to write more clearly on what I mean (and to get to my elusive point of where ikkyo/nikyo fits in), but I have to leave work and get home.

I don't're asking what happens if contact is made? I guess (theoretically) you are knocked out or cut...who cares at that point if there is a "slight" push out. If it wasn't a finishing blow to begin with you will be scrambling to recover anyway!

My point was more to the fact that "we" practice any shomenuchi nikajo/nikkyo technique in a manner that has us move in to intercept the attacking arm before it has become "armed and dangerous". In doing so, "we" are basically performing the nikajo/nikkyo pin off of an ikkajo base

**sudden rumblings of a thousand year technique begin to pulsate in my brain**

It now doesn't matter if uke's intent was to utilize more of a push or a downward cut because you enter before they have had a chance to do either.

Anyway...I just may be missing your point as well...



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