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Dennis Hooker
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So, what are your thoughts on violence and Aikido?

What is meant by the term violence? Is it a physical force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing as in crimes of violence? Or is it the spontaneous act or an instance of violent action or behavior? I think it is an abusive or unjust exercise of power not the result of an interaction between Aikido and aggression. A passive valiant resolution may follow an aggressive premeditated violent assault. The attacker has intent to do a violent act, abuse or injury. The Aikidoka should never harbor intent to do violence on another person. That is not to say the resulting interaction between an Aikido advocate and an aggressor will not result in some short sever repercussions to the aggressor. However it is the content of the Aikido persons mind and heart that determine if that repercussion was an act of violence. Not the outcome of the act its self. This could be said of any martial art I think.

Just my hillbilly opinion
Dennis Hooker

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