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Re: Is AIKI a regular occurance in professional fights?

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I think a lot of the internal training that is so physically hard is designed to achieve by sort of "brute force" what Feldenkrais does from the opposite direction--almost no force at all, then less and less force as you go along.
What do I teach by way of solo training that requires brute force?
Everyone I know is mentally exhausted... looong before their bodies give out. Softness is the corner stone of all that I do. Even the rather well known hits and kicks are just softly....done quickly. There is no qualitative change in me to dissolve force, direct force or drill someone. It's all the same. Moreover, the softness one feels, or the hardness one feels, when contacting someone who knows what they are usually their own force being echoed back at them.

I understand your feelings about discussion of aiki, based on pure utilitarian need to get many things done. But remember that a lot of people here have been investing their lives in "aiki" arts for decades and it is natural that, if they hear that they've misunderstood or been mislead as to the nature of aiki, they're going to want to discuss that and there will be a lot of emotion involved in it. The sense of self is deeply involved. I think if people's concept of aiki can be expanded and deepened, it's good for the understanding of self as well.
Thank you.

Good points about emotional investiture.
I have seen little by way of good teaching of aiki from the Japanese. There are a few for sure, but widespread? No way. Overal their teaching model leaves a lot to be desired, and their aiki model is awful. On the whole, it's all external, and waza based.


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