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i'm an aikido beginner, so no i haven't experienced it. however, one of my teachers says that his senior student (also one of my techers) is coming very close to teacher's level. when he did say was that ash (the senior student) would eventually be better than teacher and probably in teacher's lifetime, but not in all areas, and thats because everyone's way is different. he hasn't told ash this, and i reckon its because it would be pretty difficult to live with the thought that you'd outgrown your teacher. what would you do then, stay with your teacher, find another teacher, or start your own school?

i was thinking about this the other night after tai chi training. i'd been partnered with older brother, who has been training for about three years longer than me, and is my adopted 4th teacher. we were playing sticky hands, and as usual he was trying to catch me out and land a strike. he's been playing this game ever since i started training, and he can always catch me out with something, so sometimes it seems like i'm not progressing, because i can't 'beat' him. its a really weird feeling, and makes it difficult to see if i'm progressing. but because older brother continues to gain experience as i do, i'm not overtaking him. so if a teacher with 20 years more experience still continues to learn more, and so do their students, it must take an amazing student to catch up with a 20 year lead

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