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Re: Poll: Which would you rather have your aikido feel like to others?

Even if the end result were the same: that the attacker was controlled completely?
M Gano

I'm fond of weird analogies: the judo school I went to in college did about half Ni Waza, or ground technique (sounds cooler in Japanese, doesn't it?). The Kodokan trained Shihan had a bumb hip, so he played more on the mat with us, or On us I should say. He weighed only about 185, but was solid at 50 + years old. He had a way of laying on us softly, but focusing what felt like 500 pounds on us.

Darndest thing. He was using no effort, but we had to tap out from pain, or being unable to breathe, if we could muster the strength to tap!

Total control; subtle effort.

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