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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?

Now I feel guilty - skipping Judo while I watch someone fix my computer. My role is that of dojo bully a role I relish . I take the young bloods (14 to 15 year olds) that are serious about their judo and exhaust the little devils, wind them, bruise them and worry what happens when they put on a bit more poundage.

Anyhow that little digression aside.

One of the major training problems that can be identified in Aikido is the concept of spontaneous generation of technique. A great idea as an end goal but the result of applying this to early is a belief that there is no kata training in Aikido. In reality the bulk of training is just poor kata training not an absence of it. In proper kata training attack is practiced as much as defense with the principles often intermingling. Larry you know what I mean vis a vis hontai no tsukuri, the attacks in tanto dori. By way of further example last night one of the yondans decided that my yari thrusts weren't up to scratch. I spent a good chunk of training time on that alone and opened up my blisters this morning with some more. There just is no excuse for poor attacks - in fact I would say it is the hight of rudeness.

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