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In regards to ice massage, the effect is quicker and more intense than sticking an ice pack on. Generally, with an ice pack the length of application depends on the tissue depth (neck 15 minutes, low back 30). Ice massage however is rarely done for more than 3 to 5 minutes and with a hand lotion application to prevent skin burning.

Regarding the asthma, there was a medscape reference on that a while back. I'm sure the studies are not in on the topic as with the diabetes. However, erring on the caution side when a study shows a possible effect (insulin or asthma impact) I generally advise against it unless the doctor treating the diabetes or asthma gives them clearance (malpractice issues). As a chiropractor I do not prescribe medication so I prefer not to recommend things that mess with the disease. Prescribing nutraceuticals has the same malpractice implications.

As a general rule of thumb, ice is for acute and moist heat for chronic or subacute conditions. Weight lifters frequently get DOMS due to the type of exercise. Sometimes, a preventative dose of ibuprofen (pre-heavy exercise) can also help with the post exercise soreness issue. Again, be cautious about overuse of NSAIDs due to the gastrointestinal and liver issues.

Kaitlin-sorry to hear you are going through withdrawals-your doctor should have warned you of the addictive implications of Lortab-narcotics work for severe pain in most cases but are extremely addictive. I'm not sure what your pain is about but fibromyalgia is a frequently diagnosed problem-especially with women. It lowers one's pain threshhold so that the sufferer feels more pain at a much lower stimulus level. Usually, there a lot of tender points and sleep disturbances involved.
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