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There seems to be a bit of confusion about the term "Correct Feeling." It is just a term that we learned from Shuji Maruyama, Sensei. If you have any question about him having the "goods" go check him out.

Maruyama Sensei's focus was on developing "correct feeling" though his 4 principles.

Ron has his own way of talking about "correct feeling" that comes from his 35 years of experience in this art. Correct feeling is a very meaningful way of expressing how we train to us.

If you have any other questions about our view point check out Ron's Blog. He talks about correct feeling more eloquently than I ever could.

Let's really work toward an openness in discussion rather disparaging one person's terms to make our own way the BEST.
My apologies if it came across harsh. I stated clearly that is has no meaning as a teaching tool to me as it is highly personal. As I said, and I should have placed a wink next to it; "What do you under even more stress to fix a student- tell him to get even more correct feeling?"
If you think that the feeling that seems effortless to you is your own and it is different for everyone else, I would argue you were wrong. I would argue that that there are known and established ways for connecting to an uke that make their weight and force go away. They have been written down. You can use certain visualization tools to get there by teaching or by happenstance in discovery. That does not invalidate them, but neither does it mean they are fully realized or ever will be because if you don't define how to get there, you cannot define what is wrong, or how to make it better or add to it.

Apparently and wisely you enjoy correct feeling. I would just betcha there are ways to make your correct feeling... better. In other words there are known and established ways your brothers and sisters in budo, for generations have taught each other to establish correct feeling.

Following one teacher's view is up to you, have fun and God bless. Just don't be surprised if your own teacher met a certain other method and dumped what he was doing for's happening all the time. Then hopefully he will not look at you and say "This is even more more correct, correct feeling", but will actually use human words to tell you how to do it every time without fail.
It's like telling someone "Move inside." It doesn't help when there are any number of ways to grab that guy's people and actually help them discover and know move inside.
Some people are trying to get me to meet certain senseis, if only to give them the words.
Good luck in your training
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