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Re: Aikido & Weight Training

To echo Lori's cautionary about balance in the training - if training for strength, pay attention to the stabilisers and smaller muscles, and avoid "guided" movement in machines - the rowing people I mention in my previous post generally train with free weights, body weights, balance boards, wobble boards, medicine balls, and "Swiss" balls.

If you find a "dumbell curl" too easy, stand on a wobble board and try to do the same exercise. If you find a bench press too easy, use dumbbells, or instead of a bench, lie on a swiss ball - or try pushups with your hands on a swiss ball.
Sample variations of pushups - one hand on a bench, the other on a swiss ball.
Each hand on a different swiss ball (pretty difficult)
Feet on one swiss ball and each hand on a different swiss ball (pretty advanced, and very difficult - I've never even tried)
On the floor - use a small medicine ball do one pushup with one hand on the floor, one hand on the ball. At the top, roll the ball to the other hand and do the next pushup with the other hand on the ball - switch for each pushup, but keep the spine and pelvis aligned and horizontal..
Crawl, backwards (feet first, facing downstairs), up stairs touching only with the hands and toes.
(I've seen women's volleyball teams doing this one)

If you find any weights exercise too easy, make it more difficult by making the surface you do the exercise on less stable - I've done dumbbell squats while standing on a swiss ball - light dumbbells, and I warn people that if I'm going to fall, I'm throwing the weights away. There's another difficult ukemi because I have to hold onto a stair, rail, or squat rack to get up on the ball - solid obstacles on the way to the solid floor...

Split squats with the back foot on a chair and the front foot on a wobble board.
The variations are infinite...

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