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Re: "Irimi" by Ellis Amdur

Thanks Ellis. I thought I did read your article carefully. When you said ON THE SAME PATH in capital letters I assumed that you meant on the same path.

I mentioned tachidori in one of my seven points because it's a clear way to see the weak points in irimi. It's one method of training. It's nothing to do with fantasy. It's stylized like many aspects of martial arts. Not many people attack in real life with shomen uchi or ryote dori but we can learn something from them too. Tachidori is on many promotion tests in aikido. As I said in aikido we train in principles. The basic irimi is the same against any attack.

That's enough for words. Let me just illustrate what I mean by irimi. This is my late teacher Sadateru Arikawa Sensei doing irimi (from 1.30). It's a beautiful, pure and effective movement. A sen no sen entry simultaneously getting off the line - as I already explained. It's the way I do irimi. It's the way I teach irimi.

And I'm not sure how to write to you through the authors mail so I'll do it here - welcome to the columns Ellis. Looking forward to reading your articles.



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